TCN Says Grid Expansion Meaningless Without Discos' Recapitalization
File Image: Businessamlive

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has said that efforts to expand the national grid will be futile if distribution companies are are not recapitalised.

According to the TCN Managing Director, Usman Mohammed, power distributors have not adequately invested in distribution assets by recapitalising.

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“All these things that we are doing by trying to make the grid stable, do you know that only 18 customers are connected directly to our network?” Usman asked.

“So that means the quality of life of Nigerians may not change with respect to electricity regardless of what we are doing.

“Of course, if we don’t do it, there is a problem. If we do it and other people don’t do what they are supposed to do, it is also a problem.

“Out of necessity we asked the system operator to do a study across the grid recently and we discovered that out of 738 interface that we have with the distribution companies, only 421 are connected directly through our injection substations.”