Nigerian Comedia Bovi Apologises To Daddy Freeze

Bovi has apologised to the founder of Free The Sheeple Movement, Daddy Freeze, after he bashed him for speaking against Akpororo.

Bovi had reacted to the clash between comedian Akpororo and Daddy Freeze over tithing. In his reaction, he warned the OAP never to abuse Akpororo’s wife.

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However, the comedian apologised for his comments as it turned out Freeze never insulted the Akpororo’s wife.

“Freeze reached out to people who are mutual friends and they made me understand that I totally got it wrong,” Bovi wrote on Instagram.

“I thought he used the word pae_dophilia. He actually used the word paedolalia. Until this day, I had never come across the word. I responded in haste. I AM SORRY FREEZE!”.