Pastor Adeboye Reveals What He Does To His Attackers
Pastor Enoch Adeboye ministering at the 2018 Holy Ghost Congress. Photo credit: Twitter.

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, says his stoic silence in the face of criticism has revealed what he does to his attackers.

Delivering a sermon titled ‘Under a New Management,” on the third day of the church’s 2018 Holy Ghost Congress, Adeboye confirmed his silent reaction to attacks but cautioned that people who attack God’s anointed men draw His wrath.

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Referring to the scriptures, which says God “will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you,” the cleric said he, indeed, prays for God’s mercy for his attackers.

“When somebody is fighting the Ambassador of God, he is asking the Consuming fire to come and fight Him,” he said.

The clergyman used that to illustrate one of the benefits of being an ambassador of God, after giving one’s life to Jesus Christ.

According to him, other benefits are that God glorifies people he uses; promotes them; comforts them when they are discouraged; answers their prayers by fire; and stays with them even in the storms of life.

He added that the ambassadors of Satan in the kingdom of darkness suffer manipulation and destruction.

The clergyman explained that Satan uses people and then humiliates them; discards them in the end; and destroys their destinies.

He had started the sermon, the last event of the day, by defining the two principal kingdoms in the world – the Kingdom of Light, which is God’s kingdom and the kingdom of darkness, where Satan reigns.

Pastor Adeboye said: “It had been like that from the beginning. Darkness is the first kingdom and it is associated with confusion and sorrow until God spoke that let there be light, and light came. In the kingdom of light there is always Joy. Sorrow and darkness go together, while joy and light go together.”