Atiku No Match For Buhari In Northern Nigeria, Bauchi Dep. Gov.
Buhari and Atiku are the frontrunners for Nigeria’s highest office in 2019

Deputy Governor of Bauchi state Audu Katagum has said President Muhammadu Buhari has no match in terms of popularity in the northern part of Nigeria.

Katagum said for the 2019 presidential elections, the north, and Bauchi in particular, would vote for Buhari ahead of a former vice-President Atiku Abubakar and other candidates.

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According to him, Buhari was doing his best and cannot be blamed for the country’s recent challenges.

“Look! Mr President is probably one individual that nobody can say something bad about him,” he told the Leadership newspaper.

“As far as the general populace is concerned, especially in the North, nobody is blaming Buhari on what has happened.

“If you look at what has been happening all over Nigeria, nobody is saying it is the president who has done this.

“Honestly, all elections in Bauchi since 1999 have always been since he started contesting election in 2003, Bauchi state is probably the state after Kano state that gives Buhari the highest votes and nothing has changed.

“I will show you, go into the towns, villages and talk of Buhari, he is the same, he is in the hearts of the people, nobody can change that, nobody can change that perception people have about him, especially in the North.

“This is a man of integrity, this is the man that we need to continue our leadership. So we clearly understand that what has happened in the primaries will not affect election of Mr President or thinking pattern or love the people of Bauchi have for him.”