Victor Umeh Photo: Daily Post

Senator Victor Umeh (APGA-Anambra Central) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar of playing politics with their promise to restructure Nigeria.

Speaking to Daily Post in Anambra, the governor accused the duo of using restructuring to garner the support of the people, but have not shown strong commitment to restructuring the country.

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He said: “That national conference had far-reaching decisions that can help this country. It also had the best brains in the country from all walks of life.

“Restructuring Nigeria would make the economy of the states to rebound because people will return to their original source of wealth as the zones will become competitive, and not the monthly rush to Abuja for allocation.

“Both APC and PDP have not made firm commitment to restructuring Nigeria, and any party that does not see restructuring as the cynosure of all eyes does not wish Nigeria well.”

Umeh said while APC has made what he described as an epileptic promise by selecting parts of the restructuring document agreeable to them, the PDP candidate merely mouthed it but refused to state in specific terms how it hopes to do it.