Daddy Freeze Reveals When He Stopped Tithing
Freeze. Photo credit: Instagram.

General Overseer of Free The Sheeple, Daddy Freeze has revealed he was paying tithe in reality while he was preaching against paying tithes on social media.

The controversial On-Air-Personality made this known during an interview with LiTV, admitting he was not practicing what he preached until about a month ago

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The controversial OAP was asked in the interview when he became absolutely certain about not paying tithes and he responded saying; “about a month before I came on Linda Ikeji. Let me be honest, I was still paying tithe when I started my ministry on social media.

“I was preaching against it but I was afraid that If I stop paying it, I was going to die or something was going to happen.

“There were times when I doubted myself and doubted the scripture because these pastors have become god-figures, half of the things Nigerian pastors preach about are wrong but because they are so revered, nobody questions them so at some point, I felt that these people can not be wrong and I’m right even though I had the scripture and I had some revelations too.”