Meng Wanzhou

The Chinese government has demanded the release of the chief financial officer of tech giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou.

The daughter of the founder of the Chinese telecoms giant was arrested in Vancouver on December 1 and faces extradition to the United States.

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The detention of Meng comes after American authorities reportedly launched an investigation into suspected Iran sanctions violations by Huawei, which was already under scrutiny by US intelligence officials who deemed the company a national security threat.

The arrest stirred tensions just as the United States and China agreed to a ceasefire in their trade spat while negotiators seek a deal within three months.

While reacting, China’s embassy in Ottawa in a statement on Thursday demanded Meng’s release.

The statement read, “The Chinese side firmly opposes and strongly protests over such kind of actions which seriously harmed the human rights of the victim.

“The Chinese side has lodged stern representations with the US and Canadian side, and urged them to immediately correct the wrongdoing and restore the personal freedom of Ms Meng Wanzhou.

“We will closely follow the development of the issue and take all measures to resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.”