Presidency Reacts To Atiku's Promise To Restructure Nigeria
Atiku. Image: Premium TImes

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has stated that the key to his agenda is creating jobs for Nigerians through industrial development.

The former Vice President made this known in a statement released on Thursday ahead of the opposition party’s campaign scheduled for Oyo State.

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Akitu also stated that restructuring Nigeria will give the country more autonomy, including the ability to fully exploit its investment potentials

The statement reads, “Today, the campaign moves to the Pace Setter State (Oyo State). Key issues in the region remain decreasing human capital development – particularly in health and education, rising unemployment, income inequality, rising poverty, poor infrastructure, poor inter-state and link roads.

“Again, key on our agenda is JOBS, through industrial development and MSMEs. The #AtikuPlan will also embark on Special Industrial Processing Clusters with special emphasis on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector. We will incentivise the private sector to invest in these areas.

“As part of the 5,000km of railways development, the #AtikuPlan will implement the North-South rail link to improve inter-trade and foster regional integration.

“The #AtikuPlan will also build on and develop the educational and research capacities of the region based on relevance, equity, quality and access. Our restructuring agenda will give the region more autonomy, including the ability to fully exploit its investment potentials.

“Top on our priority for the region also will be to improve the port-infrastructure and surrounding link roads/infrastructure around the Lagos ports to ease congestion and facilitate trade.

“In addition, the #AtikuPlan will encourage private sector involvement in cash crops for the region – with emphasis on processing at farms for industrial use.”