Don’t Be Used As Thugs During Elections, US Envoy Tells Nigerian Youths
William Stuart Symington. Photo credit: TheCable.

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, has urged Nigerians to stand Against electoral malpractices in the 2019 general elections.

Speaking at the Peace and Security Network (PSN) Quarterly Roundtable, he said the attention of the entire globe would be on Nigeria and its citizens to provide credible polls during the February 2019 polls.

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He said: “I stand for an idea of a network, which is a network of Nigerians that will make elections succeed. It has to be a net, it has to be people and organisations linked to each other with strong bonds and purpose.

“Then, that net has actually got to work in every sphere and corner; it has to have people that are citizens woven together that represent government, electoral commissions, security services, federal, state, local officials.

“Secondly, it is more important in the world than Nigeria – the reason is that some people talk about the potential population of Nigeria which is already exploding.

“Now the question will be how to finance the energy and the opportunity of this extraordinary youthful population for the good of its entire people, its neighbours and the whole world.”