Russia athletes

Athletics’ governing body, IAAF, says Russian athletes will remain banned from international competitions after upholding the country’s suspension into 2019.

Recall that IAAF had banned Russia in November 2015 because of evidence of state-sponsored doping.

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The ban will remain in place until samples and data from Moscow’s former anti-doping laboratory are made available.

According to the head of the IAAF’s task force on Russia, Rune Andersen, Russia must also pay all costs incurred by the work of the IAAF’s task force.

Andersen said: “I hope they’ll deliver the data by the end of this year. But I cannot go any further than that. We’ve received no assurances it will be delivered to us directly.”

“Assurances have been given to Wada (World Anti-Doping Agency) and Wada have set a deadline of 31 December to receive the data. We’ll have to rely on receiving the data from Wada before handing it to the AIU (Athletics Integrity Unit),” he added.