Unilorin Student Commits Suicide Over Second Time Project Carryover
Olawale Adigun

A 27-year-old student of the University of Ilorin Olawale Adigun has reportedly committed suicide after he was asked to carry out a research project for the third time.

Adigun committed suicide at Oke Odo Area of Ilorin, Kwara State, following an accusation from his supervisor that his initial projects were plagiarised.

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Due to this, it was learned, the student wasn’t allowed to graduate with his coursemates. This led him into depression and he allegedly locked himself in his room on Thursday, 29th of November, and drank a pesticide called Sniper.

The body of Adigun, who was a student of faculty of Agriculture, was discovered after some people went into his room on Saturday, December 1st, to investigate the bad smell coming from there.

The management of the university has visited the hostel in Oko Oba, where the student committed suicide, and they have also contacted Adigun’s Parents.

Meanwhile, a friend has shared a chat he had with Adigun in which he (Adigun) told him of how frustrated he was and could not bear it anymore.