Nigerian Men Eager To Resume Sex After Wives’ Delivery -Study
Pregnant-Woman (File photo).

A new study conducted by a Nigerian Mom and Baby Care Company, Mothersbond Limited, has shown that most Nigerian men who recently became fathers are eager to know how early sex can resume after childbirth.

The study also showed that the new fathers were also very concerned about the after effect of childbirth on their partners’ birth canal.

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Mothersbond Limited interviewed 1,088 married and unmarried fathers via telephone calls, emails, and through social media on Instagram and Facebook messenger across 30 states in Nigeria focused on men aged between 25 and 49.

First-time fathers made 60 percent of those interviewed in the study which was concluded in August 2018.

Speaking on the findings in Lagos, Michael Osuji, the Chief Executive of Mothersbond Limited, said: “The study revealed that these concerns are really strong for men, and only secondary to the safety of their wives and babies”, Punch reports.