Dee One Slams Nigerians For Misunderstanding 'Power Supply' Joke

Former BBNaija contestant Dee One, who was recently bashed over his opinion about power supply in Nigeria, says his critics misunderstood what he called a ”joke.”

Dee-One had uploaded a video where he argued that Nigerians did not deserve to have 24-hour electricity.

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However, in an Interview with Sunday Scoop, he made it known that he was only being funny.

he said, “It was sarcasm. There is nobody that doesn’t need electricity. Those bashing me for that post are very stupid because I’m not the government.

“If they want to bash anybody, it should be the government. I always tell people to use their gifts to address serious issues. Poor electricity supply is a very big problem in Nigeria and it’s part of the things setting us back.

“If people can channel their frustrations to the government with the same vigour (they attacked me online), I believe things will be much better. It’s only in Nigeria that we take comedians seriously and we take politicians as jokers.

“Trending on the Internet doesn’t give one money; it just puts you out there. And if it puts you out there, it then depends on what you’re able to do with the attention.”