Buba Galadima

Spokesperson for the PDP Presidential Campaign Buba Galadima has said President Muhammadu Buhari will never sign the amended Electoral Act because some influential individuals want to rig the 2019 elections.

The Senate Leader, Senator Ahmed Lawan, had maintained that Buhari cannot be forced into signing the 2018 Electoral Act Amendment bill into law.

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Buhari had refused to assent to the bill on three occasions, citing errors in the amended before the latest version was submitted to the presidency.

Speaking on Channels TV on Friday, Galadima said signing the amended electoral laws was morally binding on Buhari since he was a beneficiary of some lacunas in the Act which the amendments sought to address and legalize.

He said: “The Electoral Act is not about Buhari. It is not about Atiku. It is about Nigeria. Why is the President and the APC afraid to sign the amended Electoral Act to law?

“Since 2010 when the Act was signed into law, there are a lot of developments and observations in the political system that needs to be addressed in this election.

“We know for a fact that I have spoken in the last one year that the President will not sign the amended Electoral Act not because he is not ready to do it but because he is forced by those who want to rig the (2019) election not to do it.

“This is not acceptable to the majority of Nigerians. We know that the President benefited from certain elements of the Electoral Act which are not justifiable in law. It is now morally binding on him to sign the Electoral Act.”