Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez admits he is more relaxed about the club’s situation following two straight wins, but knows there’s work to do.

Having previously not won all season, Newcastle dragged themselves out of the Premier League relegation zone with wins over Bournemouth and Watford before the international break.

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Benitez’s side now go to Burnley on Monday Night and the Spaniard admits the mood is much better at St James’ Park.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Benitez said: “Relaxed? I don’t know if that’s the right expression, I am more relaxed maybe, but not very relaxed. Because still you have to have some nerves, some tension before the games.

“But it’s true that after winning a couple of games in a row, the mood is much better, and the way to approach every training session and every game is a little bit different, because the players don’t feel so much pressure, and can maybe express themselves a little bit better.

“We have had some moments of tension, but I try to stay calm as much as I could. I think we did well, and hopefully we can carry on. People think: ‘You have won two games in a row, that’s it,’ but no, we are at the beginning, so still we have to keep going, keep working hard, still we have to show we are really focused.

“We don’t think the job is done because we are out of the bottom three.”