APC, PDP Behind Problems In Nigeria – APGA
Dr Victor Oye

The  All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has accused the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of causing trouble in Nigeria.

APGA National Chairman Victor Oye made the accusation in a chat with journalists in Awka, the Anambra state.

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Oye said the two major political parties in the country should stop their fight and allow Nigerians to live as one united people, insisting that what was needed now was one united Nigeria.

The APGA Chairman also denied the allegation that his party was supporting President Muhammadu Buhari for 2019

Oye emphasised the need for peace and unity for the development of the country saying, “People have been talking about APGA working with other political parties, there is what we call IPAC which is Intra Party Advisory Council.

“So, we have that harmony, that synergy, we work together, so when you see me talking to APC or PDP it doesn’t mean I am joining them.

“We are working like a team to move Nigeria forward. For me what I am interested is Nigeria moving forward, I don’t believe in ethnic jingoism, ethnic loyalty, I believe in one united Nigeria. That’s where I stand.

“We need to pray for peace and progress of Nigeria and that is why I am worried over the altercation between the APC and PDP, what are they fighting for?

“They should not overheat the polity. They should allow Nigeria to grow, allow our people to survive, allow our people to live as one united people. Why should we always be quarrelling?

“PDP is causing trouble in this country with APC, they are causing trouble, let them allow this country to develop seamlessly. God has blessed Nigeria, let Nigeria grow at its own pace, let them (APC and PDP) stop creating confusion, creating unnecessary brouhaha all over Nigeria.

“Let us grow and develop as one united people that we are.

“They calling Buhari this, Buhari is calling Atiku that; that is not the spirit. Let’s base our campaigns on issues and not running people down, that is not the best way.

“If you have a manifesto, if you have a plan to present to the people that should be your preoccupation and not engaging on campaign of calumny and character assassination.”

He continued, “They said APGA is working for APC, that is balderdash. We are not working for anybody, we are working for ourselves and that is why we chose our Presidential candidate in the person of Gen. John Gbor and his Vice, Jerry Chukwueke, who is an international businessman.

“Our Presidential candidate is a Phd holder in anthropology. We are working to market him and he is being accepted all over the North and even in the South-East here.

“He is the most qualified of all the presidential candidates in Nigeria today and the most educated, the only man among them without seeming blemish.”