Why I’m At Loggerheads With Rotimi Amaechi -  Magnus Abe
Magnus Abe

The senator representing Rivers south-east, Magnus Abe, says minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, categorically asked him not to contest Rivers governorship election.

Speaking with The Interview Magazine, Senator Abe said the “unacceptable” episode played out in his house, in the presence of his wife.

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Concise News reports that the Rivers south-east lawmaker and the minister have been at loggerheads over the All Progressives Congress (APC) structure in Rivers.

Amaechi is backing Tony Cole, co-founder of Sahara Group, who is the APC’s recognised governorship candidate.

Speaking on the development, Abe said his insistence to contest the Rivers governorship election is the root of his disagreement with Amaechi.

His words: “I have no grievances with the transport minister because he did not support me in 2015. That is a very skewed narrative. We have been friends, we have been together, long after 2015. We have been together, running around together, doing everything together long after 2015,” he said.

“My grievances with the transport minister have nothing to do with him supporting me or not supporting me. I have told him clearly that he is free to support who he wants to support. I told him that personally. I’ve told him that publicly, and I have said so everywhere I went.

“My disagreement with the minister is that he said I should not run and I said I would run. I said since you are the leader of the party, create an atmosphere where everybody can participate as party members and contest.

“I would have been celebrated for the number of votes that I got. And I was ready for that. But to say I will not be allowed to contest; to come to my house, call me in front of my wife and tell me not to try contesting… I said no, I will not accept that one. I will contest. And I will contest.

“So, there are certain things, you don’t skew the narrative to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion. I am a democrat. I am very, very satisfied with the distance my God has taken me and where he has placed me as far as this country is concerned.”