Buhari In Closed-door Meeting With Nine APC Governors
President Muhammadu Buhari with APC governors. Source:Twitter.

The Deputy President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Peters Adeyemi, has said the body was not surprised by the outcome of the meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors, which reportedly ended in a stalemate.

Speaking to Daily Post on Tuesday, he said state governors had the capacity to pay the new minimum wage but were reluctant in doing so due to the alleged pursuit of selfishness and extravagance.

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Adeyemi stated that organised labour unions were not frightened about the governors’ position.

He said: “The governors have never been willing to pay anything except to themselves.

“They never like to pay money to workers but they have a way of globetrotting in chartered jets and getting involved in extravagance.

“For us, their position is not new. But we insist that they have the resources. In fact, the fight against corruption cannot be meaningful, if workers are paid peanuts.

“Our agitation is for the government to mop up all the (looted) monies and pay them to workers to stimulate the economies of various states because many states in the country have no industries.

“Their local economies depend on the civil service. So, paying workers the new minimum wage is salient.

“The governor we know clearly have their own agenda which is not worker-friendly. For us, we are moving ahead without distraction.”