Ali Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume (APC-Borno South) has stated that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will easily be defeated by President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 Presidential elections.

The lawmaker made this known while speaking at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum.

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Ndume, who is the Chairman Senate Committee on Establishment and Public Service, said the 2019 election is a “walk-over with Atiku

He said the former Vice President was not a threat to the party in any way.

Ndume said: “We were anxious when PDP was to organize their primaries but when Atiku emerged, we were glad for so many reasons.

“Atiku was our Vice President for eight years and he was one of the most powerful vice presidents we ever had and we know what he did.

“He was under former President Obasanjo and in his book “Under My Watch”, he voluntarily described who the Presidential candidate is.

“We all know where we were and where we are now. Had it been they are presenting a new person, someone that Nigerians do not know, that may have been a threat but with Atiku, no way.

“Let us analyze it. North West is where the president comes from and we are banking on our highest votes there and if you go to any part of the North West, you will realize that his popularity is unprecedented.

“Then if you go to North East, Buhari is a moral obligation.”

2019 violence

Speaking about violence that may rock the country after the election, he downplayed the involvement of the ruling party.

Ndume said “Yesterday (Sunday) when the `Next Level’ was launched by our presidential candidate and the president of the country, he specifically said we should go on with the campaign decently.

“That means no name calling, no insult, but concentrate on issues and during our convention, our chairman clearly stated that our campaign is going to be different.

“This is the first time APC government is campaigning for the second tenure so we want to campaign on issues and ideas.

“We do not want to campaign on personalities and we do not want to be involved in name calling as PDP is desperately trying to do.”