My Husband Is Not Corrupt Says Titi Atiku
Titi and Atiku Abubakar

Titi Atiku Abubakar, the wife of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, says her husband ‘is not corrupt’ as touted in some quarters.

Speaking when she received a group known as Women for Atiku, Titi, who met Atiku on her way from Benin Republic 47 years ago, says he is a man of integrity and wondered why he is being referred to as corrupt.

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Titi said she married the PDP candidate for his honesty and patriotism, noting that no one knew Abubakar better than she does.

Her words:  “I usually got confuse whenever I read the false allegations of corruption being spread by mischief-makers against my husband in the media.

“Most times I ask myself if they were referring to my husband whom I have been married to for 47 years or a different person.

“Their descriptions only befit the opposite of Atiku Abubakar, because he is not corrupt as alleged.”

According to Titi, since she married Abubakar, she had never found him wanting in honesty, sincerity, integrity and patriotism to his fatherland.

Her words: “I was on my way back to Nigeria from Benin Republic where I went to visit my aunt at the Idioroko border and was accosted by officers of the Customs Service.

“They had demanded that I pay duty for a pair of brocade material which was a gift from my aunt, an argument ensued between us and I told them to have the brocade material for a keep because I couldn’t comprehend why I should pay duty for a pair of brocade.

“Suddenly an officer by name Atiku Abubakar who heard our argument summoned the officers to come along with me to his office.

“He was the head of the command at the time. After listening to both sides, Atiku demanded for the duty charge, dipped his hand into his pocket and paid the duty and handed me the receipt smiling and saying that ‘I will pay him back’.

“As the head of the command he could have simply commanded them to let me go if he chose to, but his patriotism to fatherland would never allow him do so, and that singular act swept me off my feet and I eventually fell in love,” narrated Titi.