Group Targets 40 Million Youths For Atiku In 2019
Atiku Abubakar. Photo: AFP

An online campaign group, Atikulated Youth Force,  says it is targeting 40 million youths to support Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), ahead of the 2019 election.

In a statement in Abuja on Sunday, the spokesperson of the group, Stanley Ebosie, said Atikulated Youth Force is confident in Atiku’s ability to lead Nigeria to the promised land.

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Ebosie said the group wants to deploy the power of the media to bring the youths together because they have the power like never before to shape the direction of governance.

The spokesman said since the emergence of the current administration, Nigerians have been devastated.

“Nigeria has never been so divided across religious and ethic lines as it is today. Millions of jobs have been lost, lives have been wasted and communities have been sacked under a leadership that has betrayed the very essence of its emergence into power nearly four years ago,” Ebiose said.

“We cannot continue on this path. The Atikulated Youth Force is built on the knowledge that young people have power like never before to shape the direction of governance.

“We are using the power of new media technology to galvanise an existing army of young Nigerians who are disoriented with the status quo. We are mobilising this army behind Atiku because we are confident in his ability to lead Nigeria to the promised land.

“Riding on the mantra of ‘The Future in Our Hands’, across the next few weeks, Atikulated Youth Force will be at the vanguard of telling the compelling story of a new Nigeria that is possible under an Atiku presidency. We will also be leading the charge in mobilising young Nigerians online and offline to join the growing movement of Atikulated Nigerians.”