Court rules in favour of CNN’s Acosta on Friday (image courtesy Getty)

US President Donald Trump has called on reporters to act with ”decorum” in future pressers after a court ordered the White House to return CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass.

Speaking after the ruling by a Washington DC court on Friday, the US president threatened to walk out of future press meetings if reporters do not practice “decorum”.

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Acosta’s press pass was taken after he clashed with Trump during a news conference this month.

Although Trump played down the ruling, he said, “people have to behave”, adding his staff were “writing up rules and regulations” for the press to abide by.

“If they don’t listen to the rules and regulations we’ll end up back in court and will win,” he added.

“But more importantly, we’ll just leave, and then you won’t be very happy.”

He also said, “You can’t take three questions and four questions and just stand up and not sit down,” he added. “Decorum. You have to practice decorum.”