Facebook has started a rollout of an “Unsend” feature for Messenger, letting users delete messages within 10 minutes of sending.

The news of the feature existing isn’t new — Facebook confirmed it earlier this month. But now, TechCrunch has found out that it’s actually rolling out in some markets, namely Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania, on both iOS and Android.

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It is understood other markets are coming soon, though timing is uncertain due to an App Store policy that doesn’t let app updates around the holidays (typically from Dec 23-27).

The feature is simple to use, and will appear as an additional option at the bottom of the screen when you long press a message you’ve sent in Messenger.

Now, the options include “copy,” “forward” and “delete;” the new option will be known as “remove.” Tap it, and you’ll be able to remove the message either only for you, or for all recipients.