Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho

Diego Maradona believes Jose Mourinho is a better coach than Pep Guardiola, saying the Manchester City boss can “choose any player he wants”.

Mourinho and Guardiola have each won 20 major titles during their managerial careers, but the Spaniard has been more successful in recent history, leading City to a record-breaking Premier League title last season.

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However, Maradona insists Mourinho is “the best without doubt”, suggesting Guardiola is only out-performing his counterpart due to the financial backing he receives from City’s Abu-Dhabi owners.

In an interview with Spanish publication Marca, Maradona said: “For me yes, Mou is the best. I would give Pep the merit of taking advantage of the launch that Johan Cruyff gave him.

“I have said on more than one occasion that tiki-taka was not invented by Guardiola. It was ‘flaco’ Cruyff. At the moment Pep is able to choose any player in the world that he wants. That way tiki-taka is easier.”