Timi Dakolo Trolls Nigerians Over Stan Lee's Death
Timi Dakolo. Photo credit: Instagram

Nigerian music sensation and father of three, Timi Dakolo, has abused most Nigerians for claiming to have known the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee.

The singer put it up on his Instagram that a lot of persons did not actually know who he was, until after his death.

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The singer says most Nigerians who are thanking the comic icon for a wonderful childhood, didn’t actually spend their childhood with his works but rather with tales by moonlight and others.

“MR Stan lee sorry sir, I know for certain some of these people shouting your name and yelling thank you for a beautiful childhood are lying.

“Our highest was tales by moonlight. We just heard about you yesterday. Dont be angry sir, we are like that in this country. OUR CHILDHOOD WAS JAGUAR, WILIWILI, PAPA AJASCO AND ZEBRUDAYA ALIAS 430” Timi wrote.