SARS operatives

The presidential hearing on the Reform of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has begun its public sitting in Lagos State.

The event organised by the Nigeria Human Rights Commission (NHRC), was attended by security agencies, lawyers, judges and civil society organizations.

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Stakeholders at the event called on the Federal Government to equip and improve the welfare of the Niegria Police Force (NPF).

Speaking at the hearing, human rights and constitutional lawyer, Femi Falana, said Nigeria could be effectively protected if the police were provided with the right equipment and training.

He said: “There is need to equip and train the police. We have the best police as they usually come out on top whenever they go on international engagements.

“There is urgent need to equip, train and improve their conditions of service and the sky will be their limit.

“For example, when police make arrests, the suspect’s next of kin should be immediately contacted by the police through a phone call.

“Also there should be video recorders to take suspects’ statements in the presence of their lawyer but you need to tell the government adequate funding is needed for all these.

“Even the training of our policeman is colonial.”

He also advised that courses on human rights be included in the police college curriculum.