See How CDQ Replies Depressed Fan Who Needed Attention
CDQ. Source: Instagram.

Fan encounters heartbreak as rapper CDQ rudely replied him for seeking to have a conversation due to his suicidal thoughts.

The depressed young man messaged him privately, asking if he can talk to him as to help relieve his current state of depression.

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However, things turned sour when the rapper told him to carry his cross as everyone has their individual burdens.

The fan wrote, “Hello sir, I have suicidal thoughts, can I talk to you”.

CDQ replied, “If u have suicidal thoughts this is the only help I can do for u… post u so ur family members can attend to u… like I always say onikaluku pelu problem tié ni. I no be ejima Jesus o Alaye… obviously can’t attend to everybody… but in any situation u find yourself always find a way to adapt and never give up. everybody go still day ok last last… God bless…”