Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin. Photo: AFP

Uefa has warned it is prepared to reopen closed cases relating to Financial Fair Play if “new information” suggests such action is needed.

European football’s governing body insists FFP has “without question” been successful in helping clubs avoid spiralling debts since its inception seven years ago.

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However, Uefa has confirmed it would be prepared to examine former cases if it decides there was a clear abuse of the system, as shown by new evidence.

FFP, which is designed to prevent clubs risking serious debts through spending more than they earn, has come under scrutiny following allegations by the whistleblowing platform Football Leaks, reported primarily by Mediapart and Der Spiegel, relating to Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

Both City and PSG are accused of having extra money pumped into them by respective ownership groups through over-valued sponsorship deals, with former UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino alleged to have helped the clubs avoid severe sanctions.