Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari for allegedly describing Nigerians as corrupt and fraudulent.

President Buhari was quoted as saying, “Our experience in Nigeria is that financial crimes, such as corruption and fraudulent activities, generate enormous unlawful profits which often prove so lucrative that the threat of a jail term is not sufficient to deter perpetrators.”

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Reacting in a statement on his Facebook page, Fani-Kayode wondered why the president is consistently demarketing the country when he travels abroad.

He also wondered why Buhari applauds other leaders when they describe Nigerians as being “fantastically corrupt”

The statement reads in part: “What type of leader goes abroad and describes the youths of his country as being “lazy”?

“What type of leader displays nothing but hatred and contempt for his predecessors in office and for his people?

“The truth is that Buhari lacks confidence and has no self-respect. He suffers from a low self-esteem and he has a big chip on his shoulder. The only time he feels complete, secure or adequate is when he runs down other Nigerian leaders and the Nigerian people.

“I have never heard of a Nigerian leader that is as self-deprecating and unpatriotic as he is. None of our past leaders have ever denigrated or insulted the Nigerian people the way he keeps doing and this is made all the worse because he usually does so from abroad and through the foreign media.

“God will judge him for attempting to demonize and demean us before the world and for calling us what we are not.

“Meanwhile,e I call on the National Assembly find the courage to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and on the Department of State Security to arrest and prosecute him for misappropriation of public funds, diversion, money laundering, concealment, and stealing.

“Given his illegal approval of 5.8 billion naira to NEMA I have no doubt that he is nothing but a common criminal and a cheap crook.

“He has accused others, including Obasanjo, Jonathan, and Atiku, of being looters in the past yet the truth is that he and his boss Buhari are the biggest looters of all.

“Such is their looting and the looting of their cabinet members, government officials and APC Governors that they have turned Nigeria into a laughing stock, a looters paradise and the poverty capital of the world. It is time to kick them out and get Nigeria working again.”