Dangote Group Revenue Will Hit $30bn By 2020 - Aliko
Aliko Dangote at the Africa Investment Forum/Twitter.

The president of Dangote Group Aliko Dangote, says the conglomerate’s revenue base will hit $30 billion by 2020 — a feat he would have considered impossible 10 years ago.

Speaking at the first ever Africa Investment Forum (AIF) in Johannesburg, South Africa, the African richest man said five men built America and those five do not include President Donald Trump.

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Dangote added that Africa could do the same things to become great, adding that he would love to be part of those who make Africa great.

Speaking on what he will do to make Africa great, he said: “What I will do is to see how some of us, which I really want to be among, will try and transform Africa into exactly what happened in Asia.

“Nobody will come and transform Africa but us. So we must lead.

“If you look at it, look at how the American economy is today, it was actually made possible by five people, the likes of Ford, Carnegie, and the rest.

“They were the ones that actually made America great, I mean, it is not Donald Trump. So really, when you look at it, we can make it happen, I have seen it.”

Dangote said the progress being made by the Dangote Group is as a result of bold steps being taken to venture into spaces others are running away from.

“I am a true believer that nothing is impossible,” Dangote added.

“Ten years ago, if you mention to me or even if I actually see it in a dream that our company will have a revenue of $3 billion, I would have said it is impossible.

“But today, by 2020, we would have $30 billion of revenue. Why? Because we have gone into a very bold product.

“While people are running away from investing, we are investing. From just petrochemicals and our refinery and oil blocks, we would have over $25 billion, and the rest of the business will have $6 billion.

“If we really are determined, we can make Africa great, the potentials are there, but you know unless somebody now makes sure this potential becomes reality, they would be there forever.”