Nnamdi Kanu Reveals What Can Save 'Igbo Slave Status' In Nigeria 
Prince Charles with the traditional rulers.

The self-acclaimed leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, on Wednesday, said only Biafra can save “Igbo slave status” in Nigeria.

Kanu, who resurfaced in Jerusalem, Israel October 19, made this comment on the micro-blogging site, Twitter in reaction to the meeting between British Prince Charles and some traditional rulers in the country.

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Concise News had reported earlier that Prince Charles met with notable traditional rulers in Nigeria in Abuja, the nation’s capital, on the first of his three-day visit to the country on Tuesday.

Reacting to the meeting in a tweet via his Twitter handle @MaziNnamdiKanu, the Pro-Biafra activist said the sitting position of the Igbo monarchs during a photo shoot at the meeting, confirmed the “Igbo slave status” in the country.

The IPOB leader said Igbo were relegated to the back row, adding that the “British hatred for Igbo is similar to Nazi hatred for Jews”.

Kanu, who doubles as the director of radio Biafra, alleged that five million Biafrans are dead and counting, stressing that only Biafra can save Igbos.

The controversial separatist activist tweeted: “Shocking image! Confirmation of Igbo slave status in today. Creator Britain 1st, Fulani 2nd, Yoruba 3rd. Igbo relegated to back row. British hatred for Igbo similar to hatred for . 5 million Biafrans dead and counting. Only can save us!”

Concise News reports that Kanu is leading a group seeking secession from Nigeria. The group has since been proscribed by the Nigerian Government.