Prince Charles
Prince Charles with the traditional rulers.

The Emir Kano Muhammed Sanusi II has said traditional rulers and Prince Charles of Wales discussed town planning when they met in Abuja on Monday.

Prince Charles and his wife, Princess Camilla had met with some traditional rulers from across the country as he entered the final leg of his eight-day visit to West Africa.

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Speaking after the meeting with the Prince, Sanusi said, “We talked about town planning. Now take the north, for example, we have had a huge demographic explosion in the last 40 to 50 years but we have not yet changed the way we build our houses.

“So every time there is pressure for housing, the government takes over farmlands. Very soon we will not have enough farmland to feed Kano and we are not going to have grazing routes.”

He added that “We have got to start thinking how we could build vertically so that more families live on one plot, we free up the land, improve the yield on agriculture and begin to confront some of these challenges of demographics.

“Educating the girl child basically kills so many birds with one stone; we had a conversation around and the whole idea is how to work with the British Government in dealing with these issues and see how we can learn from each other’s experience.”