Africa's Food Import Bill To Reach $100b By 2025
Image: DW

By 2025, Africa’s food import bill may reach $110 billion by 2025 when the continent’s current food reliance level is considered.

This was the submission of the National Country Director, TechnoServe, Larry Umunna, in Lagos at the Africa Trade Forum 2018 recently.

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According to Umunna, in his presentation, “Africa spent approximately $35 billion on food imports in 2016, and if left unchecked, the continent’s food import bill may surge to $110 billion by 2025.

“The continent is home to 50 percent of the world’s cultivatable land, and has vast unexploited water resources and various agro-ecological zones.”

Other participants at the event noted that the continent would continue to rely on importation unless it develops its manufacturing sector.