Manchester City players (image courtesy Getty)

Manchester City have defended themselves from accusations they have tried to cheat European football’s Financial Fair Play rules.

Last week, German magazine Der Spiegel published a story which claimed the defending Premier League champions struck a secret deal with European football’s governing body Uefa in 2014 to avoid a potential Champions League ban for breaching FFP regulations.

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City said at the time the original magazine article was published that they would not be commenting and that the attempt to damage their reputation was “organised and clear”.

On Monday, Der Spiegel published a new article on what it alleges are City’s attempts to deceive UEFA by channelling millions of pounds of their owner Sheikh Mansour’s immense wealth into the club via their Abu Dhabi-based sponsors.

City repeated the statement they issued last week, defending their position and referring to “out of context materials purportedly hacked or stolen from City Football Group and Manchester City personnel and associated people”, but are likely to face more questions throughout the week.