82-year-old great grandmother votes for the first time and died days later

Gracie Lou Phillip, an 82-year-old American woman, has died after voting for the first time ever on Thursday in early voting in the US midterm elections.

Reports say Phillips had been battling pneumonia when she participated in early voting in the US midterm elections.

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According to Phillips’ granddaughters, a busy family life at an early age, and misconceptions about voting, kept Phillips away from the polls throughout her life.

“Her priority through life was her family,” said granddaughter Leslie Rene Moore.

“She finally registered to vote for the first time in her life,” said granddaughter Michelle Phillips. “She kept telling everybody ‘I’m voting. I’m going to vote this year and my vote counts.’”

They say political vitriol drove the great-grandmother to vote in Grand Prairie on Thursday, despite transitioning into hospice care.

“My aunt took her with her portable oxygen tank,” she said. “Poll people were very kind. They met her out at her car.”