White Woman Accuses Runtown Of $124k Fraud (Video)
US Woman & Runtown

A female resident of the United State has called out Nigerian pop star Runtown and his brother over alleged fraud of $124,000.

In a video she uploaded, she shows a receipt of how she had written cheques in different amounts for a business transaction.

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The woman added that the celebrity came up with excuses after he failed to bring the transaction to fulfilment, adding how she had to travel down to Africa because of the money.

She said, “I wrote him two cheques in two companies name, $32,000 and $107,000, after he got the cheques and cashed he started saying stories, later on he started saying they would pay after rundown’s show in Canada, I and my fiancée couldn’t have it because we never invested on anyone’s music.

“I even had to come down to Kenya just to be certain my fiancée wasn’t involved, and even arrested the Alex, and after investigations and all we found out it was jack, his brother and wife trying to play a fast one on us, his wife claimed they had the money returned to me, which I also have the record of.

“I and my fiancée has used over $18,000 for both legal fees tickets and hotel bills already, he had to even travel to Nigeria to make a report also.

“These past months I have been dealing with cancer and chemo and catching flights from Texas to New York regularly just as result of my fiancée trusting his fellow country man so much.

“I gave this people $107,000 and they only paid $150000 to my fiancée. Above was when jack got the check, and also a 3 way call with him Alex and my fiancée”.

She, however, calls on the Nigerian Government to help them recover the money.