Junaid Mohammed
Junaid Mohammed

A second Republic lawmaker Junaid Mohammed has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of deceiving Nigerians over his Waec certificate since 2015.

He condemned the attestation of results issued  Buhari by Waec at the Presidential Villa.

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Speaking to Daily Post, Mohammed described the presentation as a charade staged by Buhari.

He wondered why Buhari had to go to court in 2015 if his claims about his certificate were authentic.

Mohammed said: “Frankly speaking, I don’t know what they are trying to prove with people smiling and clapping when the certificate was presented to Buhari.

“They are taking a lot of things and Nigerians for granted, I read that the certificate allegedly presented to Buhari carried the heading Ministry of Education, Katsina State, as at the Buhari took his school certificate examination it was Ministry of Education for Northern Nigeria so I don’t know how you can now kick that backward.

“If what they alleged against him was true why did he bother to go to court to defend himself and since the matter was still in court why now go to Ghana and ask somebody to come and present him with a testimonial and nothing was said about some papers taken, whether he passed or failed nobody knows, because woodwork and mathematics what he scored nobody knows.

“If indeed he has gone to the secondary school like he had said, all he needed was a testimonial stating that he was in Katsina provincial college between 19 this to 19 that, a testimonial that he had gone through the chain of secondary school.

“Secondly, if that was the case which I believe, why was he looking for it and had to go to the court prior to 2015 claiming that what he was doing was truthful when there was nothing truthful about it. And if one or two subjects were not indicated, it means out of the eight subjects he was supposed to have passed to be enlisted, he passed only six so I think it will be fair for him and the country to come out and say I was in secondary school from this year to this year and penultimate to my communication, I wrote the following subjects and this was my results and that ends the story instead of them going about enriching themselves to lie to the locals, the country and Nigerians.

“I have said it a couple of times that Buhari does not have to prove that he passed GCE school certificate but what he has to prove is that he passed through education from this year to this year and that is enough to clear him of all these allegations.

“Absolutely, it’s a charade which started before 2015, he can’t be the only person who had gone to school but did not pass some of his papers but he should tell the people the truth because what we want to know is the sincerity of the man we have chosen to be our leader and that is the end of the story.”