Chinwetalu Agu
Nollywood actor Chinwetalu Agu. Source: Instagram.

Nollywood veteran actor Chinwetalu Agu has said that many people think he is wicked due to the roles he plays in movies.

According to Chinwetalu, when his mother was alive, many people met her over his “wicked” roles in movies.

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He has, however, said that that is not his nature as he is a very charitable and gentle person.

“When my mother was alive, many people confronted her with what they termed as my wicked roles in movies,” he told Vanguard.

“But my mother told them that the Chinwetalu she gave birth to, was a complete gentleman.

“In real life, I am addicted to charity. I have helped many poor people without the knowledge of my family.”

He added that it is in his “blood to give back to humanity. In one of my interviews, I narrated a story of how I built a duplex for a widow, who for seven years didn’t travel to her hometown because there was no place for her and children to lay their heads.

“I beckoned upon God to use me to make the woman and her children have a home.”