Instagram Slay Queen Dupes Vendor, Buys Wear, Refuses Payment
Instagram slay queen, Teju

A popular Instagram slay queen, stylist and brand influencer has been called out by a vendor for living a fake lifestyle and refusing to pay her the money for clothes she bought.

The vendor also revealed that the brand influencer was given some clothes to wear, take pictures, post on her IG and return as part of the brand influencing.

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However, Teju (slay queen) has refused to return her clothes and has blocked the vendor from every channel at which she could be reached.

“This fake ass bitch with ig acct @tejupretty.xx and @tola_officials bought two clothes from me and told me she will pay on delivery bfor that she told me she is a brand influencer that she will help me get customers but I told her I can’t afford the money now but mayb in future because I just started this business 6 months ago .

“She said she can help me wear and tag me that I shud send all the clothes I have in nigerian to her . I told her that what’s the deal she sed she will wear and tag me and send it back that’s how she does it with other pple I sed ok that good. She was so nice .

“I sent the clothes to her she wore it it was war to post . She complained about my profile name that I should change it I said no I can’t . She sed it sound local I sed I will think about it in future when am made.

“She wore the clothes and it was war when ever I asked her to give me pictures to post . She always like am disturbing her . After 10 days I started to ask her to return the clothes but she will not reply until I got angry and was always calling her to return the clothes.

“Bfore then she ordered two clothes and those ones came in to Lagos and she sed have I gotten her order I sed yes but I will have to get paid for the two clothes which is 28k she sed yes that she will pay on delivery I sed but I don’t do that . Then I sed it ok since I will be collecting the one I gave her to wear and tag me .

“So I sent out the clothes to her she sed her limit for the day is over that she will send the it . I waited she dint send the money so I I asked her again and agin she sed am disturbing her over 28k . I sed how do you manage to cope when you are owing . She sed I have to be patient .

“it’s two weeks now I can’t keep calm even she sed pple are owing her 400k for weeks. I am not the one owing her so why take it out on me . She sed 28k is her grocery money that am suffering I sed yes I am suffering because this business we did . Now she blocked me every here . Plz tag all her relative and friend because I am not in Nigeria” The vendor wrote.