President Muhammadu Buhari with aggrieved APC aspirants

President Muhammadu Buhari has advised the All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirants who lost out in the primaries to maintain their faith in the country.

The President, who stated this on Tuesday at the Presidential Villa, in Abuja, added that the primary motivation to contest elections should be to improve the country, and not for pecuniary reasons.

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“We must maintain our faith in the country,’’ he told the coalition of party members who contested the primaries.

The President said he contested presidential elections three times before coming to power in 2015, adding that Providence will always pave the way for the just, committed and patient politician who wants to truly serve the country.

He pointed out that in spite of all efforts to appease everyone and give them a chance at the polls, some aspirants were still not treated fairly.

Buhari told the aspirants that “those who mismanaged the resources of the country are still very much around, with incredible wealth’’, warning the aspirants to be vigilant and circumspect in making choices as the future will only be salvaged by those who love the country.

“I spoke with the APC party chairman almost every other day, at least for an hour during the primaries. And sometimes, we met for two and half hours on ensuring internal democracy during the primaries.

“I urge you to stay faithful if your objective is to serve the country. I came back to power in this “agbada’’ to convince Nigerians to make sacrifices that the country needs now for a better future,’’ he said.