Speakers at the recently held Girl Child Summit held Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos have commended the organisers of the summit for a job well done.

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The speakers were unanimous in their submissions that the importance of teaching life skills to children cannot be overemphasized. The summit was organized by Clarity School for Girls, a Lagos based social enterprise.

The theme of the summit which had in attendance, female students from different secondary schools, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, representatives of Government, NGOs and civil society organisations was: Teaching Life skills; a preparatory tool for effective adulthood.

In her opening remark, the convener of the summit who also doubles as the Lead Coach of Clarity School for Girls – Ibironke Olurotimi said “This event is borne out of the need for intelligent discourse among stakeholders, reaching reasonable resolutions and action plans for girl child related issues. Our resolutions here today will be documented and passed on to necessary arms of governments and other institutions for actions. Life skills are important ingredients towards building the kind of society and workplace we desire to see.

Cross-section of attendees of the Girl Child Summit 2018

Parents, Educators, Religious Institutions, Civil Society and the society at large all have vital roles to play in helping to equip the girl child with needed life skills that will help her thrive. Parents, Educators and the society at large should learn not to focus only on academics and formal education”

While addressing the audience, the keynote speaker for the summit, Dr Elishama Ideh emphasized the importance of teaching the girls child life skills early from home as this will help groom her into an adult we can all be proud of. In her words ‘the family, school, religious institutions and the society at large have a big role to play in making this happen”.
Others speakers at the summit were Temilolu Okeowo, Founder, Girls club of Nigeria, Enahoro Okhae, Principal Coach, Pause Factory, Olorunfunmi Adebayo, Executive Director, Kindle Africa Empowerment Initiative , Kate Ibeanusi, Executive Director, Initiative for Sustaining Family Unity and Adeyemi Omoyemi, Social Mobilisation Officer, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).

Cross section of attendees at the Girl Child Summit 2018
Cross section of attendees at the Girl Child Summit 2018

Clarity School for girls is a social enterprise and a life skills school where girls are equipped to thrive and succeed in this fast paced world. The focus of its work is on increasing the pool of women leaders in Business, Government, Development and indeed every sphere of Life. This is done through workshops, conferences, mentorship and coaching programs.