Our Power Plants Performing Below Capacity - Gencos
File Image: Businessamlive

Electricity generation companies in Nigeria have said their power plants are being forced to operate below their optimal capacity levels.

Nigeria’s power generation, according to the Nigeria Electricity System Operator, stands at 3,741.30MW.

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This was revealed by the Association of Power Generation Companies’ Executive Secretary Joy Ogaji in a statement recently.

According to Ogaji, the “generation companies are pinned down by some operational impediments.

“The frequency of instructions to either increase load or decrease load (ramp up and ramp down) and, in some cases, shut down, has induced damaging stresses to the components of the machines.

“These instructions, reflective of the grid behaviour, are subjecting key electrical components of the power plants to operational stresses.

“Our available generation has always been steady between 7,500MW and 8,000MW; you can check the records at the National Control Centre, Osogbo.”

She added that “Some of the machines, for instance, with 145MW capacity, are subjected by the NCC to operate at 70MW, if not less on daily average, which constitutes 50 per cent base load value.”