Maduekwe Reveals Why Buhari Is Yet To Probe Buhari
Chidia Maduekwe

Chidia Maduekwe, chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), says the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has not probed former vice-president Atiku Abubakar over corruption allegations because it is being systematic.

He made this known in an interview with Blueprint when he was questioned about the selectivity of the president in choosing who to probe.

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Maduekwe listed some other persons and sectors that have not been probed as well, adding that the president was being systematic about probing these sectors and individuals.

“No! He doesn’t have to be that way because you must choose your fight. Since this government came into office, have they probed NNPC? Have they probed Aviation ministry? Have they probed the ecological fund?

“They are still buckled down with defence ministry and NSA matter. If the government gets bogged down by all these leakages how would the same government be putting up new roads, putting up the free meal a day in schools? This government must deliver while they are still doing the needful to our citizenry,” he said.

Recalling how Atiku had challenged the APC-led federal government to bring evidence of corruption charges against him, Maduekwe added that, “What are you talking about corruption charges and evidence? Didn’t you read my watch by Obasanjo?

“Which other evidence do you need more than that? His boss admitting many times publicly in writing and video clips how Atiku is linked with several corruption issues; how the United States wrote Nigeria, EFCC, to investigate certain people and Atiku was one of them.

“So what other evidence are we looking for? Atiku is generally perceived over time to be a corrupt looter, a global wheeler-dealer that everyone knows about. The records are there, and I am telling you that they are not hiding it.

“His business partner, Jefferson, is cooling off in prison in the United States, the man he was linked to in that deal. Are you still talking about evidence? You are aware when Atiku used his influence in the PTDF funds? So you can’t be asking of evidence.”