Princess Ayako
Princess Ayako and husband Kei Moriya. Image: Reuters.

Japanese Princess Ayako on Monday married Kei Moriya in a traditional marriage at the Tokyo Meiji Shrine, thus relinquishing her royal status.

Ayako, 28, is the third daughter of Emperor Akihito’s late cousin, Prince Takamado with Moriya, 32, a worker at a shipping company, Nippon Yusen.

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Princess Ayako had to renounce her royal status following the marriage, according to Japan’s succession law.

“I’m filled with joy to get married and to have so many people visit us at the Meiji Shrine and congratulate us,’’ Princess Ayako said after the Shinto wedding ceremony.

Concise News gathered that Japanese royals have the freedom to marry anyone for at least the next three generations.

Ayako and Moriya met on the tennis court and the bride would become Ayako Moriya after signing marriage documents on Monday.