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Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, on Sunday, revealed he was learning the popular “Shaku Shaku” dance steps for campaigns ahead of the 2019 general election.

“Shaku Shaku” is a contemporary dance style common among young Nigerians. Olamide is believed to have brought it into the mainstream in the popular “Wo!” video.

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Osinbajo, who was the Chairman and Special Guest of Honour at the “Launch of Five Fascinating Books” written by Funmilayo Braithwaite, in Abuja on Sunday, said that his friend recently polled a large number of votes just by dancing.

According to him, nobody knows what will work in Nigerian politics.

He said: “And hopefully, we will be able to find resolution to some of questions raised in our political lives as well; I know that is one of the reasons Alhaji Shittu Kabir, Chairman, Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA), is here.

“As matter of fact, for those of us who are politicians, when you see `Politicrisis’; especially as elections approach, you might think there is a formula somewhere.

“Kabir and I are the opposite sides but we are here to learn; I was saying the other day that politics in Nigeria is becoming very exciting; you never know what works.

“I can never forget my dear friend in one of the states who just danced his way through the campaigns; all he did was dance; he did nothing else but dance and he won 250,000 votes.

“So myself and Kabir are now learning Shaku Shaku; we have to learn; who knows what will win.’’