Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola

Former Presidential New Media aide, Reno Omokri, has lambasted former Lagos state governor Babatunde Fashola over his statement that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan plunged Nigeria into recession.

Fashola had claimed that Jonathan never wanted to be in charge of the country’s affairs during the recession, hence, the reason he conceded defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

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The former Lagos state governor also claimed the Jonathan administration also pushed Nigeria into debts.

Reacting in a post on his Twitter page, Omokri said the Buhari administration is known for plunging Nigeria into recession and poverty.

He wrote: “I am surprised that rather than help Buhari, look for his invisible WAEC certificate (allegedly been ‘kidnapped’ by the army),Tunde Fashola persists in slandering Goodluck Jonathan, saying he only conceded 2015 elections due to the impending recession.

“Fashola knows there was no ‘impending recession’ at any time when Jonathan was President. What was on the horizon was an economic boom as evidenced by CNNMoney which projected Nigeria as the third fastest growing economy in the world in 2015.

“Fashola knows ex-President Jonathan handed over a robust economy to Buhari, with a single digit inflation rate (it is now double digit), a Petrol Pump Price of ₦87 (it is now ₦145) and a Naira valued at ₦199 to $1 (it is now ₦365 to $1)

“Fashola is aware economic conditions under Jonathan was much better than today. Gallop polls rated Nigeria under Jonathan as the ‘happiest nation on earth. Today, the World Economic Forum rates Nigeria world headquarters for extreme poverty.”