Kelly Rowland React To Skin-Bleaching Accusations (Video)
Kelly Rowland

American singer and songwriter Kelly Rowland has denied allegations of bleaching her skin after sharing stunning new photos of herself on Instagram.

After she posted the photos on Wednesday, fans began to accuse the singer of bleaching her skin.

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However, in her response, the one-time destiny’s child member, said she was proud of her ‘chocolate’ skin.

“I never answer questions like this because I think it’s so stupid,” she said in the video clip.

“I am not the one to bleach my skin, and nor do I want to bleach my skin, nor do I have to bleach my skin.”

She added: “Have you ever thought that it could be the lighting, like this light — like this streak bleaching like crazy right here,” she said pointing at a ray of sunlight that washed out part of her face.

She concluded: “I’m still chocolate, forever chocolate and proud to be chocolate. Shout out to my chocolate girls!”