What Nigeria Is Doing To Reduce Population Growth By 50% - Osinbajo
Nigeria’s number two citizen Yemi Osinbajo (image courtesy NAN)

Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the federal government is working to reduce the nation’s population growth by half by educating women.

Speaking at the just concluded Nigerian Economic Summit (NES24), the Vice President said studies have shown that educating women and girls could reduce population by half.

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His words: “Now, one of the major challenges that we have is massive population growth, that we are experiencing about three percent yearly,” he said.

“But one of the outcomes of the studies that have been done on education is that by education women, girls in particular, we could actually reduce our population growth by about half.

“I think that is an issue which we are focused on and looking at exactly to ensure that the cultural, religious constraints and all of those kinds of constraints, are dealt with so that we can educate the largest numbers of women and also address at the same time, the population figures, which we see could become a major problem, although of course, it could be an advantage, but it could become a major problem, especially as we approach 2019,” Osinbajo added.