Sultan of Sokoto (image courtesy Leadership newspaper)

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, has criticised the Federal Government and the nation’s security agencies for not working for a common purpose in combating killings across the country.

Speaking in Abuja on Tuesday at the ‘National Dialogue for Democratic Stability’ organised by the Alumni Association of the National Institute, Abubakar said things were not right with the country, citing the increased level of crime and criminality across the country.

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The Sultan said, “I cannot say things are right with Nigeria; things are not right with Nigeria. We all know that and that’s why we have these security issues, kidnappings, killings, everywhere, everywhere you find a community.

“One of the saddest things that have happened in the last five days is the killing in Kaduna. If you know how these killings started, you would feel so bad. It is not a religious crisis; it was caused by people who don’t have jobs, they are hungry, they want to lead a good life.

“You would find that all that took place was the looting of shops, that’s all, nothing more. There was no burning of churches and mosques. People were going about killing people, breaking cars.

“As we inch closer to elections, we are going to get worse scenarios because politicians would definitely use it to do whatever they want, to scuttle elections or to make sure they are at an advantaged position”