Kanye West Aims New Music Title In Grammy
Kanye West

Grammy award-winning rapper Kanye West has sights set on becoming the next Mick Jagger because he has reportedly begun aiming for the title of the new king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Sources close to the rapper claim that his team at Def Jam submitted “Best Rock Song” and “Best Rock Performance” for his song “Freeee”, “Ghost Town, Pt. 2” in which he features Kid Cudi.

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Concise News gathered that the submissions have already made it through the screening process and were sent out on the first round ballot to voters.

If Kanye’s submissions snag enough support in the first round, they will be nominated and up for the awards.

Also, as part of his quest for the greatest, Kanye has also been submitted for “Producer of the Year”.

This is coming after he did five albums in five weeks and his albums with Pusha T (Rap Album) and Teyana Taylor (R&B Album) are up for the Grammys as well.

The father of three has been in the news lately for a mix of negative and positive reasons, ranging from his meeting with Trump to his visit to Uganda.